About me and this website

Hey there, this is André, aka “AP-AAiS”, the owner of this website and a Game-Engineering student from the country of many Ger. I’ve designed this little webspace here to serve as an outlet for some of the many creative endeavors I’ve embarked on in recent years. Currently, most of these endeavors center around the namesakes of this website, a fictional intergalactic race calling themselves the “Rykani” (or “Ryka”, doesn’t matter). My webcomic “An Altercation in Space”, often simply abbreviated to “AAiS”, as well as the fictional blog series “Rykani Basics” deal with a futuristic Sci-fi galaxy inhabited by a technologically advanced, thriving species that suddenly finds itself plunged into a brutal and long-lasting war. With these two projects, as well as some more stuff sitting in the pipeline, I hope to tell a compelling story of loss and triumph, of misery and joy, of technology and psychology, of war and peace.

If you’re wanting to get in touch with me for any reason what-so-ever, just shoot me a message on Twitter or join our Discord Server (links at the bottom). I’d be glad to hear from you!

About AAiS

For many years, a deadly conflict has ravaged the many worlds of the rykani. After having fought for several decades in attritional battles that tore apart planets, armies, navies and society alike, all sides of the war are nearing complete exhaustion. Still, thanks only to their superiority in manpower and industrial production, the rykani government forces seem to have managed to gain the upper hand in recent months, and are now poised to strike at the heart-lands of their enemies. As political factions, corporations and alliances prepare for the final confrontation ahead, a group of rykani soldiers finds itself stuck in the middle of a war that has long ago lost all meaning and purpose.

My webcomic “An Altercation in Space” follows the leader of a small band of soldiers after a surprise attack has left him stranded deep in enemy territory. Now, without contact to the outside world, he needs to find a way to get back to his “pack”, but the ongoing war won’t make things easy. Can he survive the war-torn world that years of conflict have left in their wake? Will he ever make it back to his squad? Are they even alive? To get answers to those questions and more, you’ll have to read (and wait on updates for) An Altercation in Space.

About Rykani Basics

What even are the rykani? What do they look like? What do they sound like? What do they smell like? How do they dress? Who did they vote for last election? Can I have one?

If you’re interested in the race of the ryka(ni), you’ll want to read “Rykani Basics”, the in-universe introductory blog for all your interspecies appreciation needs. Rykani Basics is written by me and will (hopefully) receive updates every other week, so check back regularly to get more updates on our fluffy friends from outer space.

Some of the other stuff I’ve worked on

I worked as a programmer on a game called “Railway Empire 2” during my five-month internship and two-months of employment at Gaming Minds Studios. You can check the game out by clicking on the image above.


I was part of a five-man team that created a small game called “Strife of Life” during one of my college courses a few years back. You can check out the end result by clicking the image above.


The first game I ever made came to be during my first semester studying “Game-Engineering” at my local college and is called “Pong Tale”. It’s just your average Command Line Pong Clone that I slapped an Undertale skin on when I got bored during the making of it. You can check out a video of it by clicking on the image.


Another game I’ve created by myself is called “Space War MK II”. This one’s a Space War clone, built on a very shaky OpenGL QT environment, that also came out of one of my college courses, the goal having been for me to program an OpenGL application from the ground up while only using GLSL shaders of my own make. You can check out the end result by clicking the image above.

“Binary Battlegrounds” was a 7-man single-semester tower defense game project that I had the pleasure of working on as a sound designer and composer. Stepping (far) out of my comfort zone, I decided to pick a couple of different sound-related courses last semester, and that’s what got me into this role. If you want to judge my work for yourself, click on the logo above to watch my YouTube audio demo of BB.

Do you own a Game Boy? No? Uh… well, that’s kinda unfortunate, ’cause, you know, my pitch was supposed to be-
OK, let’s assume you own a Game Boy, just for a second. And let’s also assume you like PSG music, because that’s an additional prerequisite for you to care about this project. If we pretend that both of these statements are true, then you might be interested in the MahPicoBoi, a small, cheap, and easy to build Raspberry Pi Pico based MIDI-Interface for your Nintendo Game Boy. MahPicoBoi was created as part of my Bachelor’s in Game Engineering, and I’ve continued working on the thing ever since. If you’d like to know more, just click on the image above or on the “MahPicoBoi” link at the top of this page!