Rykani Basics

“Who or what even are the ‘Ryka(ni)’ ?”

That’s a question you might be asking yourself now that you’re fully signed up to the Rykani Exchange Program. Well, we here at the Interspecies Cultural Research Association (ICRA) have spent the last few decades studying our Friends-From-Outer-Space in an attempt to find the easiest answer to exactly that question. Regrettably, the vigorous standards of modern research often times caused simplicity to elude our efforts. Even now, after millions of scientific papers have been written on this strange alien race, our understanding of their kind could be described as “patchy” at best and “speculative” at worst.

Luckily for you, though, our team here at the ICRA has no field of research that would benefit from observing you drown in an endless sea of questionable studies. Instead, we want to put our full focus on this guided cultural exchange with your assigned rykani partner. That having been said, for the safety of both you and your rykani, as well as in the hopes of making this exchange as fun and productive as possible, we will have to force both of you to read up on each other’s species before making first contact. Not to worry, the chapters will be brief, the insights meaningful and the writing style swift and humorous. If you dedicate yourself to the cause, you can work through this document in a matter of days and ace the final test on your first try. Once all that work is behind you, there’ll be nothing more than a few minutes of waiting time separating you and your partner. So, keep your head up high and the goal in mind. You can do it!

Below, you will find a sorted list of Entries in our series called “Rykani Basics” that will form the basis (ha!) of your final test. It’d be best for you to get started right away with your journey into the strange, fascinating, and oftentimes somewhat absurd world of the rykani.