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Hey there, thanks for checking out my website! If you’re reading this, I assume you have at least a modicum of interest in my work, which really means the world to me. But while I would like nothing more than to shower you in the compiled works of my four years of procrastinating this project, unfortunately, Uni work and real life commitments have me tied down for now.

As I’ve passingly mentioned in the text under the first page of AAiS, the time up to the release of the first two comic pages was fun but also brutally exhausting. The last two months have been completely insane on my part, with most days spent either drawing, building this website, working out the story and characters of AAiS or finding ways to procrastinate doing any of the former. While setting up this entire thing in such a short time on one hand and juggling all my other real-life commitments on the other has been an experience like nothing before in my life, this current pace is just not sustainable. Of course, things will be a bit simpler from here on out: The website is (mostly) working, the script is written, the workflow established and the general styles of RB and AAiS established. That makes things a lot simpler.

At the same time, I’m still not entirely happy with the art and style of AAiS, so I’d like to find some time to do more studies and exercises. I’ve already addressed part of that issue by introducing some quick sketches into my Rykani Basics posts, although the experience gained sketching from imagination like that obviously can’t replace proper gesture, anatomy and expression studies.

For the reasons mentioned above, the release schedule of AAiS will be a lot slower than I would have originally liked, at least for the time being. Starting next week, I’ll release RB posts and AAiS updates on alternating Mondays, so progress will be slow but steady. I can’t really say if this schedule is entirely viable, either, especially since I’m far, FAR behind on my Uni work, but we’ll see. I’ll give it my best, one way or another.

At any rate, if you’d like to hear more about possible updates to AAiS, I guess you could join my discord sever by clicking the link at the bottom. Otherwise, if there are any massive upsets to the schedule I’m committed to now, I’ll also post another update to this website.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and, please, do keep being awesome!







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