Update #6 – Quick Streaming Schedule Update

Hey, ho!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my streaming schedule going forward. Don’t worry, the weekly streams will continue over on my Twitch Channel, but I’ll be moving their default schedule from Sundays 8 PM to Tuesdays 7 PM (± an hour, I’ll let you know over on Twitter) for the next little while. I apologize if me streaming in the middle of the week causes any scheduling inconvenience to some of you guys, but my weekends keep filling up with random bullshit, and I really don’t think watching tired and hung over me fail at basic video game mechanics makes for all that good content. Streaming earlier and on a weekday on which I’m guaranteed to be sober hopefully addresses both of these issues.

So, the next Tuesday Stream coming up will be me playing Ace Combat 7 on the 7th of November at 7 PM CET. Hope to see you there!






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