Rykani-Cast Episode #000

While the comic side of things will remain slow over the next few weeks, I’ve got something that might just help you scratch that ryka-sized itch for fluffy space aliens for now:

The first Episode of the all new Rykani-Cast is now out over on YouTube. Click the image above or go to https://youtu.be/09e7Kp0hjgI to watch it.

Join me in this first pilot episode of the podcast as I cover all the juicy details in regards to my life, my artistic journey over the last few years, and my future goals. Along the way, you’ll hear all about my previous failed writing attempts, learn all about the winding creative process that eventually gave us the ryka, and discover the visual horrors of AP’s first artistic creations.

So, whether you’re looking for insights into the mind of a madman, or are just looking for background noise to listen to during your own creative endeavors, the new Rykani-Cast has got you covered!

Thanks for reading this advertisement, and I’ll promise to never write anything that greasy ever again!






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