Update #4 – “He said there’d be an update on Monday…”

Well, well, well… It has been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

As you may or may not have been able to garner from the last update, things weren’t all that well just a few weeks ago. Truth be told, I was way, waaaay behind on pretty much every single one of my university assignments, and so I had to spend the last couple of weeks playing catch up on a whole semester of work. It was only thanks to the help of copious amounts of caffeine that I managed to right the ship at just about the last second, but now she’s once again sailing beautifully on the dangerous seas of failure.

Luckily, all that’s in the past now, and starting today I’m ready to dedicate myself to the rykani cause once more. Additionally, as a way of proving that I, nominally, possess the ability to learn from my failures, I’d like to start my return off with several commitments that will be set in stone until the start of my next semester in October.

The first of these commitments will be a more rigid release schedule for AAiS. Since the Monday releases never really worked out to begin with, I’ll update the comic weekly on Fridays from here on out, starting with the 28th. This, of course, begs the question of what exactly will happen to Rykani Basics, and I don’t really have an answer for that one just yet. Most likely, I’ll keep RB around as a panic button for whenever I can’t make the Friday release for whatever reason. In those weeks, you’ll just get a text update to keep you from starving from a lack of content.

Next, there’s the topic of my streams. As most of you are (un)aware, I stream on Twitch each Sunday at around 8pm CEST. That’s what I’d like to be able to say, anyway, but I’ve had a couple of slip ups in that schedule recently. Of course, this does make sense if you consider my lack of time, sleep, and sanity while I was frantically working to save myself from getting kicked out of Uni, but that also isn’t a good look. I mean, if I can’t find an hour or two a week to play some vidya in front of a camera, then I have more than a couple of life decisions to reconsider. Regardless, since the hard times are over and done with now, I’d like to commit myself to a more rigid weekly schedule on that front as well. If you’d like to discuss my current AAiS work, have any questions whatsoever about the rykani, or just would like to hang out, check me out on:

Finally, I’d also like to talk to you about the whole marketing ordeal. Don’t worry, Rykani Corp. hasn’t gone public, and you won’t see any shitty nontroversial TV ads or stupid “relatable” Twitter accounts as long as I’m alive and well. That said, anyone reading this update or looking at my website in general may have noticed that there’s not much going on in the rykani part of the internet right now. This is mostly down to a conscious decision of my own design. You see, since I knew that I was fucked in terms of my Uni-scheduling, and since I felt less than even remotely confident both in my ability to draw legible, let alone attractive, comic pages, and in my ability to do so on a weekly schedule, I’ve kept my head low (very, very low) since the start of this project. Now, as my confidence in this project has slowly grown over the last few months, I’m getting closer and closer to a point where I’d actually like to reach out and grow this community. “What will this outreach look like?”, you ask? No clue.

As an introverted shut-in, I barely have enough confidence to open my eyes every morning, which somewhat curbs my ability to blatantly lie into the faces of others as I proclaim my work to be the greatest thing since the invention of the Field-effect transistor. For that reason, I think offensive marketing strategies are out of the window until they invent a proper drug against introversion. Ideally, my stuff would garner popularity naturally as I put more and more of my work out there, but with several billion internet-people all competing against me in the fight for your temporally limited attention, that alone might not do the trick. My current idea is to simply keep up with my comic uploads and streams, and to potentially start drawing some community requests, either on Twitter or Deviant Art. Once I have something set up for that, I’ll be sure to let you know. Oh, and if you happen to be knowledgeable in the world of internet attention seeking marketing and happen to have better suggestions, be sure to let me know! Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, it’s all there at the bottom.

With that, I’ll end the update here. I, once again, thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read the thoughts of a below passing grade artist, and wish you all the best for the rest of your weekend. This is AP, signing out.






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