An Altercation in Space C1P7

Oooh, nooooo…

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

This is it! The first time I’ve ever managed to complete a page within a single week.

Now, given the rather simplistic nature of the thing, you might be wondering how exactly I managed to drag the creation of this page out to seven whole days. That’s a good question, but sadly I can’t hear your bad opinions from my high and mighty throne of timely exactness.

This one was another shot that’s been floating around in my head ever since I’ve gotten the idea of writing this comic, and without tooting my own horn, I think it turned out rather well. Also, there are bits and pieces of lore hidden within the sentences on the ground. Not sure if deciphering them is something that’s worth anyone’s time right now, especially since the payoff for your labor is potentially years away, but whatever. It’s there for those who need it.






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