An Altercation in Space C1P1

“[…] When I finally looked up, my eyes were blinded by the most brilliant play of colors our species had ever conducted in its entire history. At the time, the monumental gravity of what was playing out in the skies above Kalevo was totally lost on me, and only hours later did I slowly begin to realize what exactly had just transpired – but then it hit me:
With this one bombastic act, the architects of misery had decided to abuse our divine tools of protection to unveil their gruesome new invention. War, a concept that, by its nature, stood in complete defiance of the history, the culture and genetics of our race, had come to the Ryka.”
Timero Hru’ve: “My time on Kalevo”, Archive Nr. 331 Rr 97302, pp. 94 – 95, translation provided by the XLF, 215 PF

Well, here it is. The first page of the webcomic “An Altercation in Space”, a passion project of mine that, until recently, I thought would never ever see the light of day; but here we are.

About four-ish years ago now, I first started smashing a pen onto a piece of paper with the intention of quickly learning how to draw and then, perhaps within a month or two, start a webcomic through which I could tell some of the stories I’ve dreamt up in the years prior. A brief glance at the calendar will tell you that things didn’t quite turn out that way. Yeah, truth be told, I had a miserable time just getting to this point of having this first page of AAiS done, and even then, I’m far from happy with the end result. Still, what’s done is done, and with the first plunge into the cold water taken, things can and will only improve from here.

But enough about me. You’re probably wondering what this webcomic is even about, right? Well, here’s my elevator pitch: In the Milky Way of the not-so-distant future, the alien race of the “Rykani” find themselves stuck in a prolonged civil war. Fighting has raged on for over two decades now, but a victor has yet to emerge. While recent successes of government forces have put an end to the prolonged stalemate of the last few years, this matters little to the war-weary troops continuing to fight on either side. An Altercation in Space (AAiS) follows this intergalactic all-out conflict through the eyes of a single soldier called “Fris”. Down on his luck, Fris suddenly finds himself separated from his squad and far behind enemy lines. While his first priority is to make it back to friendly positions, the landscape of a divided and war-torn galaxy won’t make the journey easy. Can he get back to his squad? And is the rest of his squad even alive? To find out, you’ll have to (wait a long time for updates on and) read AAiS.

That’s all I can give you for now, but if you’re really curious to find out more, there’s also a second page of the comic out right now. And beyond that, you might want to check out my first Rykani Basics post that’ll give you a short introduction to our new alien friends.

With this release of the first two pages of AAiS, I’ve also committed myself to streaming on Twitch every Sunday at 17:00 CEST, so if you want to see and hear the deranged being behind this website live, come and tune in!






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