An Altercation in Space C1P10

Well, there he goes again. By this point, it seems pretty safe to say that Fris suffers from a bad conscience, just given how jumpy he is.

Oh, but on a more important note, it looks like we have another ryka joining the fray. Who is he or she? Will this new character have more than a single page dedicated to them? Will Fris end up getting shot once more? To find out these answers and more, you’ll have to tune in next time, whenever that new upload may roll around.

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

My thoughts about this page may best be summarized in a single word: Meh.

The sketches for the different panels ended up looking a lot better than the end result, mostly because a significant amount of dynamism was lost during refinement. Still, even with those less-than-impressive poses, I think all panels look just about fine enough. Not great, not terrible. I have some improvements in mind for next time, but this will do for now.






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