An Altercation in Space C1P9

Jesus Christ, Fris! Put that thing down! It’s all good!

Well, at least this page serves as a good reminder as to why you should never try to actively spook a ryka, because that’s when violence happens. Not just any kind of violence, either, we’re talking about potentially relativistically accelerated violence accurately delivered to your short-lived corporal form via handheld weapons of mass acceleration & destruction. Be safe out there!

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

The joke of me missing any and all deadlines presented has just about lost its last remaining humor, so I will just ignore that facet of this page’s creation.

Instead, let’s talk about how much of a disappointment panel 2 is. I mean, seriously, panels 1, 3 and 5 all look perfectly serviceable in my eyes, and while I kinda fucked up the gesture on panel 4, I’d still consider it to look “fine enough”. Meanwhile, panel 2 suffers from so many different issues.

Fris’s gesture just doesn’t connect properly with the background, the shading is kinda weird, the perspective doesn’t work, and it lacks pretty much all sense of motion. Panel 2 serves as another amazing example of the whole “Does this sketch work? Should I redraw this panel and try again? Naaaah, it’s fine!” phenomenon. I’m certainly not the only person suffering from that train of thought, but man, panel 2 really drags this page down in my eyes.

At least I found the courage to redraw panel 4 at one point. Again, I’m not entirely happy with how that one turned out either, but God damn does it ever look better than my first sketch of it. And all it took was like fifteen minutes and I had a solid sketch on which to build my foundation.

So, I guess this page serves as another great reminder as to why you should just judge your sketches honestly before refining them. Else you’ll end up like me, desperately polishing a turd like panel 2, not being happy with the end result and writing a several hundred word long essay as to why you should have just tried again.

Ah, well, at least I can move on now. The next few pages are going to be fun to draw!






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