An Altercation in Space C1P13

(This page was uploaded in time at 23:57. You shan’t crucify me just yet!)

Holy exposition! Looks like no one’s ever told Avie about the concept of “Show, don’t tell”.

Regardless, we’ve got some really juicy details hidden within this week’s page, and now we know things like:

  • Fris and Avie are on the run.
  • There’s apparently still a war going on.
  • Improperly exiting the Skipverse will result in one of the most horrible yet instantaneous deaths I can imagine.
  • Avie and Fris are war criminals.
  • Avie is very nonchalant about her and Fris committing a war crime.
  • Fris is apparently very wary of the side effects of Aerobreaking.

There are a lot of gaps still in need of filling when it comes to our understanding of Fris, Avie, and the rest of the ryka, but perhaps this will serve as a decent start to the story this comic will tell over the course of the next millennium or so. Perhaps next week, we’ll learn about Fris’s opinion on him and Avie committing war crimes…

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

That was a close one!

For how easy going I was during the last Tuesday Stream, telling you guys about how the Friday Upload was definitely going to happen, I sure did miscalculate the time to completion of this page towards the end.

No matter, 3 minutes to midnight feels like a success to me, regardless. After all, this was the first page completed within a set 7-day schedule in several months. Not to sound too self-congratulatory, but managing to hold my ADD-riddled self to a schedule is pretty cool in my humble opinion.

Of course, it should be pretty obvious why I considered this page as the perfect candidate to get back onto my weekly schedule: It’s not all that impressive looking, is it? Only three tiny panels tucked between several hundred words, that’s it. Still, we all have to start somewhere, and this is where my journey into timely timeliness starts.

In fact, I’m gonna commit myself to another page upload next Friday right here and right now! Yes, you heard that right! This madman has completely lost the plot and is now trying to break his all-time best streak of 1 timely upload in a row! Is that even possible? Will the universe implode upon such a record being set?

No fucking clue. I’m tired and want to go to bed. That’s why this website exclusive shitpost ends right here.

Nighty night.






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