An Altercation in Space C1P14

Fris, what the actual fuck?! Pick that Portable Fluid Container™ right the fuck back up. I may tolerate Perfidy to a certain degree, but littering? Not on my watch!

Oh, well, it does seem like Fris may or may not have some sort of excuse as to him being in a bit of a bad mood this time around. Being smack dab in the middle of a war, becoming the lab rat for a new type of super weapon, being stuck in space with no quick hope of rescue, having your engine’s exhaust confinement system fail on you all while the high-power fusion reactor aboard your flick is slowly burning through its containment vessel doesn’t exactly sound like the best of times, granted. Is it enough of an excuse to allow for such environmentally negligent behavior, though? Not sure…

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

One day late, so close yet so far.

Ah, well, still did the best I’ve done in a long time, and I think I can just about keep up the current 7/8-day schedule for a few more weeks until the realization that I still haven’t begun working on my Bachelors slowly starts catching up to me. God, I’m fucked.

Oh, well, at least we’re making progress with AAiS. Today’s page is another one of those that I wanted to abandon halfway through and just redraw, although given the weekly release schedule, you know…

I wanted to draw a high-angle view this time around, basically giving you an Avie-POV shot, but things didn’t quite work out. My biggest mistake was to place the viewer as far away from Fris as I did and giving us a rather boring and static shot of a rather distant ryka walking and standing in a hallway. In hindsight, a closer, rotating tracking-shot would have been way cooler, but I thought the static approach would be simpler. Given how much time I spent detailing the hallway, though, I was completely fucking wrong. That was a dumb choice of mine.

Another big problem of this page are the poses on panels 3 and 4, those didn’t quite work out. Well, honestly, only the last panel is awful, that one makes no sense perspective- and pose-wise, the other is fine, I guess. But damn, does the last panel ever drag the page down. Not that the other panels were anything to write home about either — heck, we spend a quarter of our panels on a close shot of a closed door – but panel 4 was enough for me to turn this from a “mediocre” to “bad” page. I really hate panel 4.

So, what did I learn from this page? Close, dynamic shots take infinitely less time to draw than static wide-view shots. So, I suppose you can expect more interesting poses and angles in the future. Other than that, I really need to do more foreshortening exercises. If only I had the time…






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