An Altercation in Space C1P22

Well, if you guessed option three, “Fris will carry on in his quest of becoming the angriest ryka alive” on the last page, you’ve just won a free unit of ‘bragging right’. It will be deposited on your secret Swiss bank account within the next three business days.

On a less shitpost-y note, though, this page has given us incredible insight into Fris as a character. First of all, we now have further confirmation that Fris is a little bit of a tsun-tsun edgelord when it comes to his relationship with Avie. But beyond that, it also looks like his affiliation with the “Real-Avie”, apparently tangentially related to the “Avie” that we know as the scathing voice in his head, goes back a lot further than anyone could have predicted. And in a complete plot twist, it seems that Fris may have even been involved in the creation of the virtual ryka that currently serves as his only companion in this hopeless situation that he’s in. Interesting…

Oh! And lest we forget, Fris has also just revealed his hidden connoisseur taste to us by stating that he’d rather hang out with virtual-Avie than with the real thing, a sentiment that has now earned him the seal of approval from AI-Girlfriend-Chads all across the world!

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

This page exists.

I know this is kind of a controversial statement, given my own existentialist streak, but you’ll have to take my word for it – just this one time. You know, if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine as well. I don’t have a gauge on your specific perception of reality, and for all I know, I don’t even exist as a part of it. However, I’d still like to discuss the comic page potentially seen above, so we’ll just side step some pretty fundamental philosophical points of discussion, at least for the time being.

But, assuming that the comic page in front of us actually exists as an expression of the absurdity of this universe, what are my thoughts on it?

Well, I dunno. I tried my hand with more dynamic posing, and I think it turned out well enough, but I sure did feel the limits of my artistic skill while making it. Seriously, there really does seem to be a very good reason why most people avoid doing extreme low angle shots, that being as follows:

They fucking suck to draw, and the end result doesn’t even look that great, even when drawn by people far more competent than me. I kinda just wanted to do an extreme low-angle shot just to have done it, but now that that’s over with, I think I’m good. High-angle is way easier to do and looks way better.

I’ll keep my focus on dynamic posing, anatomy and detailing. Maybe a bit of coloring by the side, but that’s it. No more insane perspectives just for the heck of it, unless the actions warrant them.

Anyway, I hope the next page will follow sooner rather than later. Panel 1 really fucked up my timetable for this page, but I should – in theory – be able to learn from my mistakes and do better in the future. I remain hopeful for reasons yet undisclosed.

— AP






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