An Altercation in Space C1P24

Page 24



Oh, boy!

Well, in one swift, decisive action, Fris has decided to drop his laser cutter right on top of a hydrogen feed line. Why exactly he felt the need to start a fire while inside the pre mixer of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor unit, we may never know. However, it does seem like an awfully bold survival strategy…

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

This is the worst page I’ve ever drawn.

Ok, well, is it really? From a factual perspective, I guess not. It’s hard to beat page 2 on its sheer awfulness. However, from an emotional perspective? Well, from an emotional perspective, this page can go eat a dick!

I hate this page, genuinely. What started off as a pretty cool page concept just got worse and worse the longer I worked on it. I don’t know if it was my university abused, sleep-deprived brain that went on an artistically destructive rampage, or whether my artistic skill facepalmed into a new, unknown barrier of sorts. But whatever it was, has made each production phase of this page turn out worse than the last.

Seriously, looking back, the roughs looked decent enough. The refined roughs looked like shit, and the final line art just makes me wanna hang my head in shame. Even worse, I accidentally went far too heavy on the line art, reason being that I switched out the line width setting for panel 1, and then completely forgot to change it back.

The heavier-than-necessary line weight just feels like the perfect topping of incompetence on the massive pile of awfulness that is this page. Honestly, I’m not even sure what exactly it is that offends me so much about this page, but I just can’t bear looking at it.

I want it out of my face, banished into the depths of the internet, where some 700-pound human canon ball can rediscover it, years later, and make a shitty, AI generated video essay about how this page serves as the perfect summary of everything that is wrong with capitalism, for some schizophrenic reason.

— AP






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