An Altercation in Space C1P4

After having gotten himself stuck in midair for several weeks, Fris finally makes his graceless descent back onto the earth.

Well, “earth” as in “ground”, that is. Taking a quick look at the scenery, we can now confidently say that wherever the hell Fris is at certainly doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to “Earth” earth. At least, I’ve never been to any place on earth with purple grass and pretty glowing tress, but maybe I just need to travel more…

Website-Exclusive Author’s Note:

There is no reason as to why it took me four weeks to complete this page. Aside from procrastination, that is.

Regardless, this update’s another big improvement over the last page. I’ve ditched the weird pencil-like brushes used before, and decided on a full opacity black brush for the line art. Additionally, I’ve also darkened the color pallet of the entire scene somewhat to get it more “nighttime” looking, and replaced the black borders of the thought and speech bubbles with colored ones. All in all, I think this entire panel is infinitely more pleasing to look at than the two that came before it.

Of course, as I had wisely decided to skip the entire process of developing a visual style for this comic, we face the problem of this series now consisting of four different pages, each with a wildly different art style. Some people may see this as a big issue that, if left unaddressed, may make this comic basically unreadable. I, on the other hand, totally agree.

Attention to detail is something I’ve struggled with all my life (thanks ADD), so problems like these were inevitable in my eyes. If I had pushed myself into properly going over every detail of this comic’s visual style, I can guarantee you that not one page would have ever made it onto the internet. In that sense, I see the evolution of my art style over the last few pages as a distinctly positive thing, even if it may have ruined early public perception of my work. That said, I think I’m now starting to get to a point where both my art style and workflow are standardized enough for the rate of comic uploads to really pick up over the next few weeks and months.

As I’ve outlined before, I’d like to get onto a weekly release schedule for the comic, with the hopes of potentially making it a twice-a-week thing further down the line, and in that sense, I’m in a better spot than ever before. My hope is that quality follows quantity, and that quality, in turn, is followed by less self-doubt and less procrastination. I guess we’ll see about that very soon.






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